Remote Working Works

HP recently pulled “a Yahoo!” by ending their remote working arrangements with employees. Justin Jackson had this to say about the Yahoo move:

The only time a manager should fear a flexible workplace is if they’ve hired the wrong people. If you’ve broken Rule #1, all bets are off. It doesn’t matter what kind of office you have; mediocre people create mediocre results.

A few years ago our lead developer  had an opportunity to move to Australia for a 3 years, all expenses paid. His partner received an incredible job offer in Sydney for a three year contract and her employer was willing to pay for him to go with her (we’re in California).

It was an uncomfortable decision, but I gave my blessing. And then he did everything he could to make sure it worked out perfectly. That meant he had to work mornings and evenings with a break in the middle of the day every day to keep his internal customers happy and the team on track. He made it happen.

He’s back in the US now and everything worked out fine. I agree with Justin. Our team is currently scattered all over the world and it doesn’t bother me one bit. If you have great people, and you’re able give them the support they need, remote working works.

  • Justin Jackson

    Thanks for this! The most effective companies I’ve observed just empower their people to do their best work.