My Mission and Committment to Transparency

My team and I are on a mission to change the way companies are managed. I feel a bit absurd saying it out loud, but it needs to happen and we’re in a great position to do it.

We’ll be consulting, coaching, writing a book and building a suite of SaaS products that will enable startup founders build “no manager” or “minimally invasive manager” companies. We believe these management structures will soon be the only options available to startup founders that want to attract and keep the very best people.

Traditional advice and management books won’t help you navigate through all the challenges you’ll face while baking these innovative management styles in to your culture, but we can. My cofounder and I have been working with established companies for a combined 42 years. We have extensive expertise and understand the science behind hiring, firing, coaching, feedback, compensation and measuring performance.

Instead of traditional customer development, I’ll be blogging about what we’re doing with as much transparency as possible. I plan to explain what we’re doing as we’re doing it so I can help you understand the “why?” behind the decisions we bake into our products and services.

I gave this “transparent development” thing a trial run a couple weeks ago. I built a premium newsletter service in a week and live blogged the entire process. I wrote 26 posts outlining every single decision with complete transparency. The blog has been a great way to bring customers closer to the product and help them understand why I made the decision I did. The response is overwhelmingly positive.

I’m looking forward to taking a similar approach here at Great Companies as we build tools and products that help startups build great companies with happy and highly productive employees.

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