Google People Operations

This is an awesome description of the ideal role of HR in a technology-centric startup:

Made up of equal parts HR professionals, former consultants and analysts, we’re the champions of Google’s colorful culture. In People Operations (you probably know us better as “Human Resources”), we “find them, grow them, and keep them” – bringing the world’s most innovative people to Google and building programs that help them thrive. Whether recruiting the next great Googler, refining our core programs, developing talent or simply looking for ways to inject more fun into the lives of our Googlers, we bring a data-driven approach that is reinventing the human resources field.

Yesterday Ryan Carson shared this article on how Google does managers, which is all sorts of awesome as well.

Everything that Google has learned on their own is consistent with the best practices that we have available to us in the research literature. My company already has a data/evidence-oriented culture and we have developed similar tools that Google uses to assess and develop their managers.

This makes me wonder if we could position ourselves as “PeopleOps as a Service” to bring many of the benefits that Googlers are enjoying to everyday startups.

(via People Operations – Google Jobs.)