Build a Great Company

“Culture is a tricky thing. It’s like this mythical thing every company wants to be great at, but so few actually know how to do.”

Thats what BuySellAds CEO Todd Garland said when I asked him what it was about his culture that helped him build a successful company. You probably feel the same way…

You want to build a great company. Naturally that means you also want to have a great culture and a great team.

You want to have a great team because your startup cannot become the great company of your dreams without having a great team behind you.

Once you have a great team, as I’m sure you do, you want to do everything in your power to keep that team together.

Imagine you have 100% confidence that you’ve built the kind of company and culture that:

  • Even though you know that it’s impossible to find good people right now, and there are more jobs in tech than there are good people to fill them, you realize you need your team more than they need you… But they aren’t going anywhere.
  • Is the envy of your peers. I look at companies like GitHub and Squarespace and drool… from their offices to the things their people say about them in public. You can be like them.
  • When you have a job opening, a flood of resumes from the best and the brightest gush into your applicant tracking system.
  • Allows you to watch that person you hired fresh out of college meet their future partner, get married, have a kid and buy a house. All because they stayed with you long enough to help turn your startup in to a real business.
  • You’re more likely to beg employees to go home at night so they don’t get burnt out. Forget about needing to ask them to stay late.

The Great Companies Blog is written for startup CEOs, founders and HR pros. We exist to help you build a great company that attracts (and keeps) highly-productive, empowered and happy people.

We want to help the next generation of companies cultivate a culture that makes it impossible to repeat the sins of the previous generation.

We are looking for startups that are willing to be early adopters and implement some of our ideas. There is a better way. Get in touch if you’re interested. My cofounder and I will help you through the entire process.

Who’s behind Great Companies?

The Great Companies Blog is brought to you by Andy Parkinson. I’ve built a few businesses and I have a background in web development. I’ve been working with my cofounder, Ken Nowack, Ph.D., to help companies develop their leaders for the last 12 years.